Software Workshop: the best way to get to know us

As with many things in life, the most important factor in a succesful software project is partnering with a team that you know, like and trust.

Our software workshop is our way to introduce ourselves.

What does it look like?

We will visit your office and talk to you about your business, your aspirations, your difficulties and how you think that software can help. Then we explore what an ideal bespoke solution could look like, bringing our insights and experience to the table.

We will leave you with:

  1. The vision – a technical vision for your business that wil emerge during the meeting
  2. The business case – the benefits this solution will realise for you and your team
  3. The cost – a guide price to making the vision a reality

At the end of the Software Workshop you will know if we are the team for you.

Sounds interesting?

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